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Winter Solstice Readings

Reading for Lighting the Solstice Candle

Once again, the Winter Solstice is upon us. This is the time of year when we learn from the Earth how to face the darkness without losing hope, how to honor the fading light, and how to nurture the seeds of rebirth. We pause and reflect on the year now passed, with gratitude for all that has come into our lives. We think of those we have lost with love and respect.

We will face the longest night with the faith that, even in the darkest hour, there is a strength within us that we can draw upon until the light returns to us again.

Reading Before the Winter Solstice Fire


The season’s decorations have each their place

Soothing sounds on the radio our sorrows erase

Ornaments on our shelves and on evergreen bows

Have wakened sweet reveries, happy memories aroused.

Remembrances, swift as boys on toboggans

With gloves on their hands, stocking hats on their noggins,

Fly through our minds as the hours unfold

And we sail through plans made with our young and our old

Our friends and our family, our orbits of caring,

Our loves who bring laughter and memories sharing;

The time we have longed for will come and will pass,

Enrichment will linger as long as we last

But the bobbles we made

As each year duly fades,

The letters we sent

With good wishes we lent,

The joy that we felt

As each moment was dealt,

To ages hereafter, we here now bequeath

Our hopes and good wishes bound up in our wreath.


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