Celebrating Summer Solstice

Enjoy every minute of the longest day of the year

  1. Rise early to catch the sunrise if you can, preferably in an open setting (beach, park, mountains), but you can even watch it from a window!

  2. After watching the sunrise, enjoy a large celebratory breakfast that incorporates as many seasonal foods as possible. Share a poem or reading at breakfast.

  3. After breakfast, begin the process of decorating the Solstice Wreath (see  “Spring” page for information on the Wreath).   If available, find native wildflowers (local park, farm, farmer’s market). The outing to find the flowers is part of the celebration!

  4. Once the flowers are gathered,  begin decorating your grapevine wreath (see "Summer" page for pictures of wreath decorating).

  5. After the wreath is decorated, if not too tired and ready for a nap, engage in some fun Summer Solstice activities: making sun dials, making friendship bracelets, outdoor games (like croquet, badminton, running bases) or even just a long walk outdoors.

  6. In late afternoon, beginning preparing the Summer Solstice dinner. Pre-dinner snacks can include chips with salsa or guacamole and seasonable vegetables from the garden (snap peas, sliced bell peppers, cherry tomatoes). The dinner can include a seasonal fish such as soft-shell crab (which represents the Tropic of Cancer, the location of the sun at Summer Solstice), stuffed grape leaves (vegan), and hearty salads (mixed greens from the garden, tomatoes, peppers, pasta, cheese or beans) and fresh bread. If inclined, you can include celebratory beverages, like a tequila sunrise or margarita. See our blog for dinner and decor ideas.

  7. At dinner, share what you are grateful for on this longest day. Share a poem or reading.

  8. After dinner, and when the sun is setting, it is time for the Summer Solstice fire (if you do not have access to an outdoor fire, you can improvise with an ashtray or another fireproof container). Different from our practice at Winter Solstice, the Summer Solstice fire is where everyone shares their hopes for the coming year. Write down hopes on small slips of paper that can then be burned in the Solstice fire. As the smoke rises to the sky,  focus on the idea that the hopes are rising toward the possibility of realization.

  9. End the night by enjoying the time outdoors to close out this longest day!

For much more detailed information and ideas,  get your copy of  Celebrating the Solstices, available in stores at amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com

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