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Celebrating Summer Solstice

Enjoy every minute of the longest day of the year

  1. Rise early to catch the sunrise 

  2. Enjoy a large celebratory breakfast with a reading 

  3. Gather wildflowers for the Solstice Wreath (see  “Spring” page for information on the Wreath).   

  4. Decorate your wreath (see "Summer" page for pictures of wreath decorating).

  5. Have fun with Summer Solstice activities: see our blog for activity ideas

  6. Prepare the Summer Solstice dinner

  7. Share what you are grateful for and share a poem or reading.

  8. Have a Summer Solstice Fire (if you do not have access to an outdoor fire, you can improvise with an ashtray or another fireproof container)                                                                           Click here for Summer Solstice readings​​

For more detailed information, get our book!

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