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Festive Summer Solstice Dinner Ideas

One of our traditional Summer Solstice foods is soft-shell crab. The symbolism of the crab derives from the fact that, in the Summer Solstice, the Sun is in the constellation of the Tropic of Cancer, with a crab as its symbol. To prepare the crab, generally they are alive when we get them, so first I will cut their heads off so they don’t feel any pain. Then, it’s a matter of cleaning them, removing the lungs and innards. They are prepared for grilling by basting them in olive oil, onion powder and garlic. Then I grill them on a low heat outside.

Besides the crab, one of the other foods that has become part of the traditional foods we enjoy for Summer Solstice is scallop bruschetta. For the scallop bruschetta, I cut a large-sized scallop cross-wise into three or four coin-shaped discs (like the sun) that are sautéed to a golden brown and placed atop a typical bruschetta (salsa on a toasted slice of bagette). Thus, a visual symbol of the sun, alongside the crab, a symbol of the Tropic of Cancer. You can make your own variations of these dishes--try thinking of other foods that might represent the sun!

We also have some special plates and dishes (with sun and crab themes) that we use that we have acquired over the years.

(Home Goods is a great

spot to find cool,

themed dishware).

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